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8 Top Tips for Styling an Apartment

There are many enviable advantages to living in an apartment or unit.
They’re more affordable, they’re easier to clean and they’re often in great locations. However, space (or the lack thereof) is a common downside to apartment living. It can be a challenge to figure out the best ways to utilise a smaller space, while balancing needs such as style, comfort and function.
If you would like a bit of expert assistance, Le Cornu offers an Interior Styling Service. Our team of stylists were recently asked to help furnish and decorate an apartment – you can take a look at some photos of the end results below. We have also shared some excellent apartment decorating tips to help get you inspired. As you’ll see, less really can be more!
1. Use shapes.
Apartments are often very boxy, which can feel claustrophobic. However, you can counteract any harsh angles by adding curves, such as a round dining table, a circular rug or a tub chair. As an added bonus, round tables take up less space – making them an ideal piece for apartments and units!
2. Be smart with space.
A large statement piece can make your space look small and cramped, so aim for the opposite effect and opt for a couple of smaller furnishings instead. For example, two smaller couches can be just as comfortable and practical as one huge modular lounge, but without the bulk. We used the Rae sofa package (which includes a 2 seater and a 3 seater); the thin arms maximise the seating surface, while the statement legs raise them off the ground and add the illusion of space.
3. Multitask.
Get creative and ensure that you don’t waste an inch of space. To make the most of what you’ve got, look for rooms and areas that are suitable for multiple uses. For example, the corner of your bedroom might be better utilised as a study nook than as a spot for a feature chair. If you don’t have room to devote to a guest bed, a fold out sofa bed is a space-efficient alternative.
4. Add layers.
Do you want to add more depth and visual appeal to a room, but you don’t have any floor space to spare? The trick is to layer! Soft furnishings, prints, pillows and wall art are perfect for inserting a splash of colour or a touch of luxury. Layers let you add some more style – without being cramped by your style.
5. Let there be light.
Light colours and light furniture can trick the eye into thinking a space is bigger than it really is. Furniture with thin legs, glass topped tables and pieces with mirrored doors create the impression of openness, while light colours reflect natural light (rather than absorbing it) and make a room seem brighter. Our styling team made use of glass tabletops and furniture with stylish hairpin legs, such as the Blyth dining chair, to ensure that the apartment looked light and airy.
6. Know your colours.
Colours can have a strong influence on emotion. For a modest space, we recommend choosing colours that inspire calmness – especially if you live amongst the hustle and bustle of a city. In this case, the style team opted for blue in the living room to create a cool, soothing atmosphere. They also chose light yellows and earthy browns for the bedroom, to generate a feeling of intimacy and togetherness.
7. Step outside.
If your apartment or unit has an outside area, such as a courtyard or a balcony, don’t forget to use that, too! Enjoy the feel of the sun on your face without having to go to a park, and take advantage of the extra living space. A bistro table and chair set is always popular, but a hanging egg chair is another great alternative.
8. Consistency is king. 
When you’re furnishing an apartment, with rooms in close proximity to each other, it is a smart idea to use consistent colours, textures and styles. Doing so will help to link the spaces together and lend a harmonious aesthetic to the whole apartment. Just remember to keep it simple!
The key to styling an apartment or unit is quality, not quantity. There are lots of clever furniture options available at Le Cornu, and our Interior Styling Service can work with you to turn the apartment into your dream home.
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