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Closure Announcement FAQs 


Is Le Cornu closing?

Please refer to the FHL press release on the link here


I’ve paid a deposit will I still receive my goods?

Yes, Le Cornu will continue to trade business as usual. Hence it’s our intention to fulfil all existing orders.”


I’ve paid a deposit, can I cancel my order?

As we intend to fulfil all orders, we’d prefer you didn’t cancel your order, however you are welcome to do so. Cancellation fees may apply as per the terms and conditions of your deposit receipt.


I have a Le Cornu / Ashley gift card, can I still use it?

Absolutely, we’ll be honouring all gift cards at full card value up until the date of our closure. To minimize unexpected situation, we encourage all customers to use their gift card by the end of August 2016. We hope to see you in-store soon.


If I purchase an item from today, does it have a warranty?

The Le Cornu return policy (encompassing REFUNDS, REPLACEMENTS, REPAIRS and CHANGE OF MIND) abides by your shopping rights under the Australia Consumer Law. A copy of our return policy is always available in-store at the time of purchase and on our website. For more information click here 

NOTE - 5 year structural warranty: We are no longer offering a 5 year structural warranty on any items purchased from 9am Wednesday 6th July 2016.


I’ve purchased an item within the last 5 years prior to Wednesday 6th July 2016, does my 5 year structural warranty still apply once you’ve closed?

Yes, Le Cornu have committed to the 5 year structural warranty for all purchase made prior to 6th July 2016. Once Le Cornu closed enquiries will be diverted to a central point of contact, with a central email address that will be set up for continued customer service and warranty enquiries for all customers.